The Diversity and Creativeness of The Mac and Cheese Festival

The Mac and Cheese Festival in New Orleans offers some of the most creative mac n cheese dishes around. You will find mac n cheese set atop corn chips, or fried into balls. Mac n cheese in sandwiches. Mac n cheese set on a huge bratwurst tossed with big chunks of brisket or mixed with crawfish and crabmeat. There are also some vegetarian and vegan options. The wide selection of mac n cheese dishes at the Mac and Cheese Festival in New Orleans will really blow your mind.

One of the most recent editions of the event, the third annual Mac and Cheese Festival in New Orleans, was sponsored by WAITR. The weather was significantly cool allowing attendees to roam through the vendor market from 11 am to 6 pm, while carbing up and listening to live music. The third version of the Mac and Cheese Festival in New Orleans featured fifteen different beverage and food vendors offering their most creative takes on the mac n cheese. Vendors included the likes of Manning’s, Squeezy Street Lemonade, and many more. The music lineup included Robin Barnes, Big Chief Juan Pardo, and the Brass Band of Marigny Street, and J and the Causeways. The third version also featured the introduction of a kids-designated area by the SOLA organization. It was the perfect way to spend a Saturday for those in a festival mood.

One of the reasons for the success of the annual Mac and Cheese Festival in New Orleans is enthusiasm and love for mac n cheese among Louisiana locals. During the event, you will often see them dressed in their favorite mac n cheese attire. From creative fun headpieces to earrings and t-shirts and more! It is one of the most picturesque and refreshing scenes you have ever seen in New Orleans. People are keen to try out the different mac n cheese selections available at the event while vendors smile in excitement over the guest’s interest in their mac n cheese offerings.

This is a great event if you are looking for a family-friendly event that you can attend with your kids. The kids-designated area provides a space where kids can interact with their peers and ensures that your kids won’t have a minute of boredom during the event. Live entertainment is also something to look forward to and makes for an unforgettable experience. If your stomach is strong enough, you can participate in the Mac n Cheese Eating Competition and battle it out with other mac n cheese enthusiasts for various prizes, as well as the prestigious Biggest Mac n Cheese Fan title. You also get the opportunity to purchase a wide range of clothing and cosmetics from the Artist Market and promote the work of talented local artists. All in all, you will find attending the Mac and Cheese Festival in New Orleans a worthwhile use of your time. At best you will earn yourself a coveted title, at worst you will have an exciting mac n cheese adventure.